We Have Your Shade Of Bronze

Do you want to become a JMT Sunless Technician?


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We offer great products plus years of experience.

  • Learn to airbrush tan with a JMT Sunless Specialized Trainer at our salon in Washington
  • Hands on training with 10 live models
  • Learn how to spray the perfect airbrush tan with a JMT trainer by your side.
  • Insight and knowledge to help you build a successful airbrush tanning business (salon set up ideas, how to create custom colors with JMT Sunless Solutions, tips & techniques for a flawless tan & more!)
  • We can help you pick the right products to get you started
  • JMT Sunless Solution profit margin example

1 gallon Medium 10% including shipping $153.00

Tans per gallon approx 70

Your cost per tan $2.10

Client Spray Tan pricing $35.00 per tan

Your profit per tan $32.90

Gross Profit per gallon $2,450.00

Net Profit per gallon $2,303.00 in your pocket