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Light 8 Violet Solution - Bling Line (16 oz, 32 oz)

Light 8 Violet Solution - Bling Line (16 oz, 32 oz)

Add some fun to your next spray tan with our Bling Line. This line adds a little pizzazz to a gorgeous spray tan.  Our Bling Line is the perfect blend of our amazing Light 8 Violet Solution with a hint of shimmer, shine and bling! 

Available in: Gold or Iridescent

Also available in Light 8 Signature Solution - Bling Line, Violet LineoSignature Line


  • Our amazing JMT Sunless Violet-based Solution with a beautiful touch of sparkle, shimmer and shine
  • 8% Eco Certified DHA
  • JMT Sunless Triple Action Bronzers
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

About our Violet Line: With many of the same natural ingredients found in our Signature Line, our Violet Line also includes the perfect amount of the color violet. This results in a much deeper shade of brown.  This line is especially ideal for those with a yellow or a golden hued skin tone. Violet tends to counteract yellow or golden skin tones creating a darker and richer shade of brown.