Masters in Mixing the Perfect Tan
Body Products Sample Pack

Body Products Sample Pack

(1) 8 oz bottle of Dark Tanning Lotion, (1) 8 oz bottle of Light Tanning Lotion, (1) 6 oz Jar Buttercream and (1) 8 oz bottle of Shimmer Lotion

Dark and LIght Tanning Lotions/Tan Extenders:

Yum!  Chocolate.  With a hint of chocolate our Dark and Light Chocolate Tanning Lotion smells delicious while moisturizing and preserving the glow of your tan. Our Dark Chocolate Tanning Lotion with 10% DHA is rich with color and blended to achieve a deep, dark, sunless glow.  You pick your shade by choosing the level of daily application.  More applications equal a darker, richer tan.  Our LIght Tanning Lotion  With 8% DHA our Light Chocolate Tanning Lotion is a self-tanner or great for touching up an existing tan. Blended to perfection this lotion leaves your skin  feeling (and looking) soft, silky and smooth.


For those who love body butters, this is the thickest, richest, most hydrating cream yet.  Using the highest quality all-natural ingredients, we have created a body butter that will promote not only hydration but also promotes anti-aging and repair. Use daily to keep skin beautiful and ready for that ultimate JMT Sunless 

Shimmer Lotion:

This lotion is perfect for those who love to make their tan stand out with a shimmer on their skin. Light & unscented this shimmer lotion is the perfect way to show off your tan! 

Buttercream Scents:

Brown Sugar-Yummy Brown Sugar with a hint of spice 
Cucumber/Melon-Fresh, Clean, Crisp. The perfect blend of cucumber with a melon twist. 
Creamsicle-Sensual Vanilla with a refreshing orange twist. 
Coconut-This scent will take you immediately to the tropics!. Very seductive! 
Chocolate-Smells like a freshly made milk chocolate dessert! Peach-Sweet, Tangy, Complex & Refreshing. 
Pina Colada-Tropical pineapple with coconut and creamy vanilla notes. Heavenly! 
Vanilla-Luxurious sweet vanilla notes, with a sprinkle of spice & dash of roasted hazelnuts.
Tropical-The same scent as our signature Jamaica Me Tan sunless solutions