We Have Your Shade Of Bronze
Dark 12 Solution - Espresso Line (Quart)

Dark 12 Solution - Espresso Line (Quart)

If you love coffee you will love our new Quart size Espresso Line.  Blended with actual espresso beans, our Espresso Solutions result in a deep, rich sunless tan. Dark with brown undertones, the Espresso Line is perfect for those who are looking for a deeper sunless tan.  The bonus? Our Espresso Solutions have a yummy coffee scent that brightens the day. This solution is perfect for coffee lovers or those who simply crave a gorgeous, deep, rich sunless tan.  

With 12% DHA this solution is perfect for clients looking for that extra rich, deep, dark, bronze sunless tan. A great choice for anyone with a medium to dark skin tone or someone with a solid base tan.  


  • Four Active Bronzers
  • 12% Eco Certified DHA
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Hint of a coffee scent 
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed