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Medium 10 Solution - Bronzer Free Line (128oz)

Medium 10 Solution - Bronzer Free Line (128oz)

ORDER BY THE GALLON AND SAVE $68.50   (4 - 32 oz bottles =  1 Gallon)

A bronzer free solution? Yes! Unlike our other solutions, our Bronzer Free Solution is a slow building formula that will develop to its maximum (gorgeous!) tan level over several hours.

This type of solution is perfect for clients who want to tan during their lunch hour or the same day of an event. No bronzers mean you won't have that immediate spray tanned look. Plus, you can get dressed right away and not worry about the bronzer rubbing off on your clothes. 

Also available in Dark 12 - Bronzer FreeViolet Line or Signature Line 

Also available in 64 oz, 32 oz,16 oz


  • 10% Eco Certified DHA
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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