We Have Your Shade Of Bronze
Mini-Mist PRO Summer Package

Mini-Mist PRO Summer Package

$300 Value Added

For A Limited Time Only: We will include three 64 ounce bottles of JMT Sunless solution FOR FREE. Yes, free! This $260+ ADDED VALUE includes 64 ounces of our Signature Light, Signature Medium and Signature Dark solutions plus a JMT Sunless Training Manuel ($25 Value Added) when you purchase the Mini-Mist PRO spray tanning unit. 

The Apollo Mini-Mist PRO is ideal for any beginner technician.  The turbine is lightweight and easy to carry and use.  Weighing approximately 10 pounds total.  This machine is powerful, without producing excess noise.  You can easily speak with your client during their tanning session. In addition to our JMT Sunless solution pack, you will also receive a FREE copy of the JMT Sunless Training Manual ($25 ADDED VALUE) to help get you started. (A tanning tent is an option in the drop down menu.)

Mini-Mist Features: 

  • Three 64 ounce JMT Sunless Solutions ($260+ Value Added!)
  • JMT Sunless Training Manuel ($25 Value Added!)
  • T100 Applicator Sprayer 
  • Mini-Mist® PRO turbine
  • T5020 Deluxe Mist Applicator
  • 10’ Ultra-Flex™ Air Hose
  • Small and Portable  
  • Quiet Operation 
  • Perfect for mobile use 
  • Lightweight
  • Made in the USA