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Light 8 Solution - Violet Line (128oz)

Light 8 Solution - Violet Line (128oz)

ORDER BY THE GALLON AND SAVE $66.00   (4 - 32 oz bottles =  1 Gallon)

JMT Sunless Light Solution is the lightest shade of bronze in our product line. This solution is the perfect choice for fair to medium skin tones or those who already have a base tan. A great option for clients seeking a light, natural-looking sunless tan.

About our Violet Line: With many of the same natural ingredients found in our Signature Line, our Violet Line also includes the perfect amount of the color violet. This results in a much deeper shade of brown.  This line is especially ideal for those with a yellow or a golden hued skin tone. Violet tends to counteract yellow or golden skin tones creating a darker and richer shade of brown. 

Also available in our Signature Line

Also available in 64 oz32 oz,16 oz


  • JMT Sunless Triple Action Bronzers
  • 8% Eco Certified DHA
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed